Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Girl Can't Help It

Duncan and yours truly went to the Holly Berry Bazaar at St. Luke's Anglican Church over on Coxwell Avenue this morning. We had a lot of fun shopping and even sat down in their café for a drink and a muffin. Nice people were everywhere.
This is one of the most charming egg cups I've ever seen. I can't believe no one had grabbed it before I discovered it. It was .50.
Hand painted in England
This crafty mouse in a stocking decoration cost a quarter.
I just realized that the box was upside-down! Duncan discovered this amazing crayon organizer. I think it was $1.00.
Don't ask me why a Graham Greene novel is sandwiched between retro cookbooks. I discovered Greene when I was in university. I'm intrigued by the Catholic subtext in all of his novels.
I love this sixties Canadian Fish Cook Book. I suspect the cook book is Canadian, rather than the types of fish.

This book is amusing. I thought it would be filled with seventies granola yoghurt smoothie recipes. Instead, it featured...
The sandwich that helped kill Elvis Presley.
And an entire chapter devoted to cakes. Not that there's anything wrong with that!
Speaking of cooking, I bought an egg slicer. Duncan destroyed our last one when he was two. I also bought this pastry masher. I don't think they're actually called pastry mashers.
A bevy of vintage book beauties
Detail from the book of British wildflowers.
Detail from the book of cacti. In my dream home library, I'd have a little cubby for these tiny nature books.
Gorgeous birds

How could you not pick up a book with these illustrations?
This book of art cards had a tissue cover on it. I remember being a kid and making book covers out of parcel paper and decorating them. Did anyone else do this?
I think I'll leave the cards inside the book. They've survived this long.
Books and a bunny puzzle for the wee boy. Most books were .50. The newer trade books were a buck, but the money went to the church, so I'm not about to quibble.
Duncan chose these London picture books because, "That's where Daddy comes from." He also wanted the book of the Holy Land. Interesting choice and well timed for Christmas.
A pile of books for my class. I love the feeding frenzy when I bring them in. "Oooh, can I read that?"
Choose Your Own Adventure books were all the rage when I was a child of the early eighties. Space Vampire is so Ed Wood.


  1. What a great assortment of books! And my boys would be so jealous over that crayon organizer!!!

  2. Your little boy looks SO happy with his new crayon organizer! Great cookbook finds.

  3. Wow, some really great finds...and your little guy is adorable!

  4. wow, fabulous books you're so right and great egg cup.... adorable little boy you picked up too :) You so rarely see one of those!

  5. Yo, Crazy Suburban Mama! I tried to return the boy, but I forgot to keep the receipt. I guess I'll have to keep him. LOL

  6. I am so jealous over your Choose Your Own Adventure Book! Great finds :)


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