Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big Secret - Revealed!

Today we trucked out to the ghetto (I won't say where). The people were super nice, but the clutter was depressing. Too many old men clearing out their toolboxes.
I did indeed laugh out loud at Big Secret. The man selling them had been running a summer-long yard sale due to his lack of employment. He told me he just got a job and was selling everything off for ten cents apiece. He chuckled when I took the picture and said, "Those pantyhose will be all over Twitter." He knew I was up to something snoopy!
I bought this metal Christmas door hanger for a quarter at a less ghetto sale.
At the ten cent sale, I bought a book of Canadian landscape photographs by former astronaut Roberta Bondar, a Swiss mug for Duncan's tea party box, and this little note book from 1956.

This was a freebie from Perkins Diesel. What a classy touch.
It's chock full of info about combine harvesters, etc.
Unfortunately the French-speaking owner of the notebook failed to fill it with torid details of his/her love life. C'est la vie!
Each page had a New Yorker-style humorous sentence. I've never met a Fifinella I didn't like.
It was all worth it in the end, when I discovered this Electrohome fan sitting in a box for $5.00. The seller graciously plugged it in and even gave Duncan the safety lecture. These fans are amazing, but totally unsafe. I've got an old Torcan fan in the basement. They'll look fab together.
It's amazing what a lousy finsky will buy. Below, find some funny old videos to go with my elegant fan.


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