Sunday, August 16, 2009

My TV Childhood Pt. 1

I was the last of four children and I suspect my parents were too tired to realize how much TV I watched as a child. Here are a few memories. I'm 38, so if you are a similar age, this may take you back too. Some of my picks may be a bit regional. Sorry if you live far away from Toronto. You'll still get a laugh.

I watched Buffalo 29 all the time. They showed a lot of cartoons. Was that Chuck Norris on the Newlywed Game commercial saying "No zero"? I actually watched the Newlywed Game when I was a kid. I never knew what they meant when they said "making whoopie."

I was part of the Free to be You and Me generation. I think it was the first generation where multiculturalism was taught at school and children were really encouraged to look beyond their own skin colour. The Big Blue Marble took me into different worlds. Love it.

If you were around in the seventies or eighties in Canada, you'll remember the flute at the beginning of the Hinterland public service announcements.

I loved Alice. This show was pretty feminist for it's time. Remember Flo? "Kiss my grits!"
Our family had the same station wagon you see in the intro. I'll post more TV memories in a future post.


  1. LOL those TV shows bring back memories! The Hinterland's who's who....and Alice boy did I ever watch that!

    And Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley!

    I'm originally french speaking but my parents watched mostly in english....Laugh'in and the Carol Burnett show were staples in my house! That's were I started to learn english and I haven't stopped since. Now I watch maybe an hour a week of french tv but that's it!

  2. Hey Vonlipi,
    Don't get me started. I watched just about everything. I'll at least do a second TV post. I know you're into Mad Men and other good shows.
    Bye for now,


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