Sunday, August 30, 2009

Build a New Life in the Country

Here's a trailer from another great show that Ken and I watch quite a bit. Build a New Life in the Country is a gorgeously filmed series that follows couples from cities and towns in England as they move to the country to restore old ruins that they will one day live in. It is hosted by architect George Clarke, who is sensitive and wonderful. Every time we watch the show, I have this burning desire to move to a farm and start feeding chickens. Clarke also hosts a new show called A Dream Home Abroad in which English couples rebuild properties in European countries. These shows appear on BBC Canada. Check your local listings (I've always wanted to say that!).


  1. I!Don't!Think!This!Airs! HEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRE!
    Yes, I am now whining! It looks really, really GOOD!

  2. We have BBC but I have never seen this on there, I will have to "Check my local listing!"


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