Sunday, August 9, 2009

Song(s) of the Week #6 Kate Bush "Babooshka" & "The Dreaming"

Kate Bush is my all-time favourite singer. I could write a book about her music and what it has meant to me over the years. Her best albums, in my opinion, were made in the 1980s - Never For Ever, The Dreaming, and The Hounds of Love. Of these three albums, The Dreaming is my personal fave. It's her darkest and most experimental album. I've chosen two songs this week to show the different sides to Ms. Bush, who is now in her fifties and enjoying motherhood in the English countryside. I'm happy she's happy. When she came to Toronto to promote The Hounds of Love, I stood outside the old CityTV building and eventually got her autograph - signed in gold marker on the back of the album. I was lucky enough to meet her for an interview in the early nineties and she was gracious enough to sign a black and white glossy photo for me.
"Babooshka" was one of the first songs of Kate's that I heard, long after it was released as a single. I was in Grade 10 in high school. When I saw the video for the first time, I was sort of baffled and enthralled all at once. It's a great song about a woman who tests her husband by dressing up as a different woman to see if he'll take the bait. Check out KB as a Medieval vixen in the video!

The next song is "The Dreaming." I love the eerie Fairlight synths on this song and the lyrics which centre around Australian Aboriginals. Keep an open mind and check it out.


  1. KB is one of my fave singers as well. I hadn't seen those videos before....and frankly they distracted me from the songs.It's like reading a book then seeing the movie (not always a good thing...)

    Am I mistaking or she has that crazed look in her eyes in both videos?

  2. Yeah,
    She does have a crazy pair of eyes, but she can do no wrong.
    I'm loving your blog, Vonlipi. You have to come to Toronto. We'd have a blast!
    - Erin

  3. I remember that i didn't really know what she was signing about (was english was not that good back then) but I knew all her songs by heart!

    I should come over and we would giggle like 2 schoolgirls over thrifting finds! lol


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