Monday, August 31, 2009

Fifty Cent Shelves Find a Home

I bought these nifty old wooden shelves at a rummage sale in my parents' home town last year. They cost .50 apiece. They were sitting, forgotten about in our basement until recently. The small, interesting shapes make the prefect place for my Mexican Day of the Dead clay figures. I love the beauty and humour that comes through in Day of the Dead art. At the top, you'll find a very cool Day of the Dead card my friend Barb gave me as well as a picture of Frida Kahlo. Please excuse the harsh flash. The front of our house always seems dark.

Mexican treasures. Ken put his nuts and bolts sax guy on here. He may have to move (sax guy, not Ken), if my collection expands.
Grim reaper taking a farmer away. You really have to hold this box in your hand to appreciate the beauty inside.
Frida Kahlo shrine with mariachis. Most of these pieces were bought at a store in Port Hope, which is now selling clothing. We'll have to go to Mexico or Santa Fe to keep this collection/obsession going.
Doctor holding a head.
Proof that smoking kills.


  1. Those are great shelves! For only 50 cents! That is amazing! Good deal!

  2. My goodness...those shelves are great! Your dia de los muertos collection is impressive!


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