Friday, August 14, 2009

You Give Me Fever

It was Friday Fever today at Goodwill. Translation: Come in, find a few things for 50% off and line up forever while irritating women with cartloads of blouses debate which ones they should buy at the cash desk while your arms slowly begin ripping out of their sockets from carrying too much crockery. Still, we had fun and I bought a few things.
Oh the anticipation. I could smell the vintage treasures for the home. Too bad that after five minutes of thrifting Duncan says, "Mom, I have to do pee-pee." Thank goodness that he's a boy and that there are lots of big trees right outside the store.
Yet another gaudy seventies fondue kit that I almost bought. One of these days I'll cave in and buy a fondue set. Tragically, I'll end up gaining 200 pounds from excessive cheese eating.
Poor Bill. His life's work reduced to a commemorative plate that has in fact, been reduced.
Some of my happy finds include: Tupperware colander (.50), a seventies floral tin (.75), and this very cool graduated beaker (I believe that's what math-minded people call 'em) for .50.
I dig that the beaker was made in West Germany. "It's West German, so you know it's good." Okay, no more references to Sham Wow.
More pottery for my plants (.75) , Blues Clues Cards for the wee boy (.75), and a sushi mug pour moi (.50).
How cool is this? I can study this mug as I wake myself in the morning. This should enable me to order sushi with greater confidence.
Books for Duncan and my forthcoming Grade 5 class. I'm teaching ancient Mexico, so the Maya book was a lucky find.
Eyewitness books are fantastic. Anytime I see them, I pounce. I also bought these cute animal bookends for Duncan that cost $2.00 with the discount.

Will there be any yard sales worth a hoot tomorrow? One can only hope.
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  1. Great finds and great deals! Does your goodwill not do the 50% of the color of the week? One sat. a month there is 50% off everything but everyday a certain color tag is 50% off here. Lots of goodwills dont do that tho...I feel lucky to live in indiana is that aspect! That folor tin is too cute and would match my craft room...and Im tempted to find a way to steal it from you :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey Queen of Clearance Erin,
    Do you know anything about the tin?
    Yardsale Snoop Erin

  3. That beaker is a SWEET score. If you poured my jealous into it, it'd be full.

    Eyewitness books are such a score, I also get anything Usborne for my 2 boys or my K classroom!


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