Sunday, August 23, 2009

Name Change Coming

I am seriously considering changing the name of this blog while it's still in its early days. Although I do like to poke around people's stuff at garage sales, I think the name doesn't truly reflect the vintage bent of this blog. I'm trying to find a name that's not too twee-diddly-dee-dee, or sound like an antique shop. I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks again to all who have been stopping by for a gander at my goodies. I love the sense of community amongst us thrifty bloggers. Thanks too for all who have added me as a link to their own blogs. It's hard establishing yourself as a blogger without this kind of support.


  1. i love your blog and your blog name, but If you want to change it, that of course is up to you! Im sure you will think of a great new name if you choose to change it!


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