Monday, August 31, 2009

Song of the Week #9 The Church "Under the Milky Way"

I have been a great fan of The Church for a long time. When I was 15, I used my older sister's photo ID and snuck into a nightclub to see them play. Almost 20 years later, I went to the Hologram of Baal tour with my husband after we'd moved into our new home. Those two moments are etched in my mind: happy times.
I'm also a fan of singer/bassist Steve Kilbey's solo music. He's a hugely talented songwriter and one of the most creative lyricists I'm aware of. Kilbey is also a painter. Below, find his painting "The Jazz Singer," which hangs in our living room. It was the equivalent of ten Christmas mornings rolled into one the day this painting turned up in the post. I promptly had it professionally matted and framed.
I have so many favourite songs, but "Under the Milky Way," was the group's biggest hit and is possibly one of the best pop songs ever, so I've chosen it as this week's Song of the Week. The Church are still recording and rocking out live. Kilbey is also a big blogger. If you are interested in his thoughts on life and the state of the universe, go to The Time Being at Believe it or not, he has two sets of twin girls from two different relationships.


  1. such a night painting! We need more art work in our house!

  2. In reply to your comment: Thanks! I love the new blog too! MY husband and I got married a little over a year ago! I posted them as "current" because they are some of the most current pics of us that I have, that are decent, and I follow a lot of blogs of people who are currently planning their weddings and I wanted to share a few of our pics with them! I love your blog so much and Im glad you enjoy mine as well!


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