Monday, August 10, 2009

Kingsley's Hibachi

Before the end of the school year, the gentleman who lived across the street from us passed away. Kingsley had gone into hospital with an illness, but developed an infection while there. I kept waiting for him to return home. Sadly, I never got to say goodbye.

Although I did not know him well, I know he lived a very good life. I used to see him pick up his morning paper well past nine in the morning. I imagined him reading the entire paper over cups of tea. Kingsley loved to garden and he was always heading out in his car. Later, I found out that he would walk along the shores of Lake Ontario every evening. He was in his eighties.

When his companion hauled out the trash this week (the first time our neighbourhood has had trash removal in six weeks or so, due to a strike), I discovered this old Hibachi and I found myself debating whether or not I should take it. I really wanted something to remember Kingsley with. I thought it would make an interesting piece for the garden. It seems a little odd now, but I'll try to get a climbing rose to tangle around it next year and it should look pretty in an Edward Gorey kind of way. If it were a Gorey book, he'd call it The Haunted Hibachi. The story would write itself.
Here's the Hibachi peeping behind the foliage in our backyard. It almost looks like a tombstone.
Kingsley's companion said the Hibachi was old and had been sitting out in the yard forever without being used. I'll keep the tradition going.
I also liked Kingsley's cheerful yellow Hoover vacuum, but it had been out in the rain.
When we were driving home from Fabricland, I discovered this Bob the Builder crane amongst a pile of garbage in front of a nearby church. I biked back and picked it up for Duncan. It's missing some parts, but he doesn't care. He's always wanted a crane.
I bought these old wooden pots at the same church two years ago when they had an awesome rummage sale. They cost me .10 each. If you see them up close, they're full of shabby chic charm.


  1. so great deals are great! those pots are so cute for only .10 cents each! plus the free bob the builder crane is awesome!

  2. We had a portable Hibachi just like that when I was a wee girl. My dad would use it every weekend to grill. Good times!


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