Friday, August 28, 2009

Old Timey Teacher Posters

I've been organizing my teacher posters and I came across these old posters my mother found at a garage sale in St. Catharines. The first six posters come from a reading series. The name of the series escapes me, but the central character was a boy called Pat. He had a pet dog named Mr. Mugs. My mom used these books when she was teaching in the seventies, so I'll get the name from her.
Back in the sixties, boys would make sure dad was comfy after a hard day at the office.
Pat and Cathy frolicking on the lawn.
Chasing Mr. Mugs.
Girl power!
Ahh Mom - a jumbo jet! How did you know?
Cowboy rollerskates. I need a pair.
Sixties holiday fun.
I liked this poster. Too bad the teacher was hole punch happy.
Seventies book club poster.


  1. those are too cute! I want some cowboy rollers skates too!

  2. in reply to your comment: I thought about the tampon thing when I posted it! lol. But then I thought...who cares! Everyone knows that women have to use them, and they are so expensive! Its like a hidden cost that most people don't think about!

  3. Oh my goodness, it appears we have much in common. Thanks for finding my blog! I am delighting in yours.

  4. Ahh, Mr. Mugs! I was just googling him and found your blog post. I learned how to read because of these books in 1980/81 in my Gr.1 class in Burlington, On. He's worth a bit on money now!


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