Saturday, August 29, 2009

Near Torched House Leads to Art Deco Listerine Bottle

The remains of the best looking kettle we've ever owned.

I try to be a good person - a loving, caring mother, etc. But like most people, every now and then I screw up and almost set the house on fire. I'm blaming "Mom's Brain," and I'll milk that excuse until Duncan is in college.
Here's the story. Last night, Ken was working late and I decided to cook pasta for Duncan and myself. I put the pot of water on to boil and returned to the living room to talk with junior for a moment or two. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flash in the kitchen. "Hmm, that was weird. Was there something up with the ceiling light? Was it a ghost?" No. The Betty Crocker electric kettle was on fire. I calmly unplugged the base and using the cord, tossed it on the floor. I then knocked the jug over to the part of the stove that wasn't on fire. I knew I had to find something to smother the flames, but I hadn't washed the dishes that day, so any available lids were soaking in the sink. I went to the cupboard and found this big aluminum tray. That did the trick. The kitchen stank like a plastic chemical factory but I did learn my lesson: never leave electric appliances on the stove and always double check to make sure the heat is on the element you need.

The story has a happy ending. I did suffer an insignificant flesh wound from the flaming kettle. When I finally decided to treat it this morning, I pulled the bandages down from the medicine cabinet and discovered this old Art Deco Listerine bottle that I've had forever, but somehow had forgotten about. How could I? My parents used to help out a crotchety old lady when they lived in Scarborough. I think this bottle came from her estate when she died. I'm glad I own it. I don't know who would keep a current Listerine bottle, but I can see why someone would treasure this.

"For boudoir and travel," appears on the back of the bottle. One must always have fresh breath in the boudoir.
Bottom of bottle. Thank you St. Louis!
Why don't they make such pretty bottles for mouthwash these days?


  1. well, I am so glad that you put the fire out and no one was hurt badly! Thank goodness for that! I would never think to keep a listerine bottle, but you are right, that one is a gem.

  2. "for boudoir and travel" -- i love that!! a very happy ending, if i do say so.

  3. I own a bottle just like it. Pretty rare. I will tell you that years ago I bought it for $50 & was given an estimate of $50. So who knows now what it is worth? It was likely part of a traveling kit.


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