Monday, August 24, 2009

The Siren Song of Value Village Calleth Again

Is there ever a bad time to thrift? Probably not. Today was Duncan's birthday and we did plenty of fun stuff throughout the day. We're enjoying the remains of the summer, but the school year is around the corner and I had to stop by a copy shop on Danforth this afternoon. I was going to do a bunch of copying and laminating, but I was mortified when I was told they charge $3.50 to have one 8.5 X 11 sheet laminated. As we left the store, I looked across the street and what do I see? Woodbine Value Village, of course. "Come," it cooed. "I've got stuff you like. You know you want to come in..." Well, alright then.
This canary yellow mixing bowl cost $3.99. We have several mixing bowls, but I don't actually have a big Pyrex mixing bowl. I think the Pyrex disease has set in. Is there an ointment available?
This pixie-sized salad spinner isn't vintage, but I just couldn't refuse it for $1.49. I love the mint green colour. Very grandmother's kitchen cupboards circa 1963. Not that I was around back then, but I can only imagine.
I try not to put my more mundane purchases on the blog, but I was tickled to buy such a huge stack of construction paper at a thrift store for $3.99. It also came with a Sodoku book (which will go to my brainiac mother, since I'm too right-brained and impatient for these number puzzles).

The construction party pack also came with this "Sweet Teen Scrapbook Kit. " I'll likely give it to my tweeniebopper niece who is lovely and talented in the arts and crafts department. I love the happy teens on the cover. Those were the days...
Once again, Duncan found himself precariously perched on the bike seat as mom wobbled down the street with a basket and bags brimming with thrifted finds as well as our park toys from earlier. Turning onto a side street, I noticed that someone had tossed this wonderful Tonka toy in the garbage. Duncan had to have it. He tells me it's a front end loader. I'll take his word for it.
Here's the happy birthday boy in his dirt pile with his junked jewel. He did get some swish new gifts today, but he seemed just as happy with this cast-off from the curb. Go figure.


  1. Sorry there's no ointment for it! And no OTCM either!
    Like my father says: You're not at the casino everyday, you're not robbing a bank, not dealing drugs so go for it!

  2. great deals as always! i am super jealous of your mixing bowl! Lucky duck!


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