Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm a Winner Baby...

Over the summer, I discovered the wonderful blog, Dime Store Thrift. If you don't have it bookmarked, stop what you're doing and add it to your favourites right now (it's linked in my favourite thrift blogs). Sonya recently held a contest in which she offered to thrift for a lucky winner. I can't believe it's not butter - it was me!
I've already thanked Sonya, but I'd like to send some screams and hugs her way from this here blog. This is what Cher must have felt like after winning her Oscar for Moonstruck. I assure you, I'm not wearing Cher's risqué little number right now. Good thing too.



  1. hahahaha...I am jealous of your win for sure! I wish I had won...*sigh* but you are amazing and deserve to win!

  2. Thank you for saying such nice things QOC. I could say the same for you. I'll keep you posted about what comes in the mail. I'm still overwhelmed. I usually never win anything.


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