Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life - it's Just One Big Game

Today I was finally able to do a little thrifting at lunch. Value Village is a second-hand department store and as luck would have it, there's one close to my house and one close to work.
I snapped up The Game of Life. I remember playing this at a friend's house when I was a kid.
It's a Milton Bradley game "heartily endorsed" by Art Linkletter. The game cost $2.99. It was the size of a huge pizza box. I had to strap it on my bike's rat trap.

I also found this sixties canister for $2.99. The best part was that it had...
three other tins nesting inside it. It smelled grandmotherly, not kitcheny. I put the tins in my bike basket, and off I chugged. On my way back to school, I stopped at Tim Hortons for a coffee. I was so loaded down, I actually tried to ride my bike through the drive through at Tims (LOL). They didn't hear me trying to order my coffee and I was getting funny looks from the cars behind me. I guess cars go through a sensor that they pick up on. I parked my bike outside and told myself that nobody would want to steal a seventies edition of The Game of Life or my bike. I was right. I rode my bike back to school and when I returned to the staff parking lot, my happy load got lot's of laughs.


  1. Hi E! What great finds! I have a new version of Life but nobody wants to play with me....:(

    Love the canisters too! Will they go in your kitchen or in your classroom?

  2. Hey,
    Since our kitchen still looks like a bomb hit it, I guess I'll use them in the class.

  3. hahahahaha...this made me smile this morning...trying to picture you balancing everything and trying to order through the drive thru! Im glad no one stole your stuff!

  4. You are so funny! I love how you went thru the drive thru! I'd definitely try that too. I guess that's why my sister calls me 'eccentric'. BTW, love your thrifty finds. So cool. I have the "Charlie's Angels" game, but I remember my parents playing the Life game...always ended with them ending in a fight and I always wondered why they played. Now I know the fight was what they were looking forward too.....

  5. I'm a coffee hound. This addiction could one day put me in the grave. In the meanwhile, I'll make another pot.


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