Monday, September 21, 2009

A "Winkle" in Time

I bought five of these beauties for $1.25. And to think I had to think about it.

Anonymous J left a comment on my weekend post regarding those stylish mugs I bought for a song at Vincent de Paul's Value Shoppe. She speculates that I may have found Kathie Winkle cups. I've done some not-very thorough Googling, but did find a link to some pictures of her work.
See what you think. I believe the cups I bought just say "England" on the bottom. Perhaps they were made in the style of Kathie Winkle.
Thank you Anonymous J for letting me know about the exciting designs of Ms. Winkle.


  1. Oh...goodness...what tempting finds. Would love to come to Toronto and snoop around with you. You find such goodies!! Stan

  2. This book would be a great resource
    Once you start looking her designs and others similar seem to be everywhere.


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