Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bonkers For a New Kitchen/Weekend Funnies

If it's true that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, than I must be a body builder right now. We've been living in a kitchen renovation for a few months now. Last night we finally put drywall up on the ceiling. My brother-in-law came over to help. It is a huge job hoisting this heavy material over head. You can just feel the blood drain out of your arms as you wait for the drywall to be screwed into the joists. After putting one heavy sheet up, Ken put a few screws in to hold it. We took our hands off and the drywall came down on our heads! Man, that hurt. Little birds have been circling my cranium all day. My advice: if you can afford to have someone else drywall for you - do it! I'll document the reno as it becomes more exciting.
We put the final smaller pieces in today. At least we have a ceiling again.
These stick-on faux tiles looked nice when we bought the place, but the faux charm withered. The brown resin is what we found underneath.

Here's a funny clip. Canadians old enough to remember how cheesy Gino Vanelli could be, will laugh at this hilarious SCTV parody by Eugene Levy in which he plays hairy Gino gradually morphing into... Well, just watch it.
Here's the real Gino. Check out his crazy vanity dance move at the beginning. Don't try to watch the whole thing, unless you're really bored. And don't try the dance move without life insurance.

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