Saturday, September 26, 2009

Puttin' on the Ritz

Tantalizing diner coming your way...

With no yard sale signs in our immediate vicinity, Duncan and I loafed around the house and had a lazy morning. (Pops was working.) Duncan had never been to see a movie at the cinema, so we decided to go see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Before the movie, we went to the best little diner in our neighbourhood - The Ritz.
Unassuming on the outside, The Ritz is full of old diner charm on the inside. If you live in the greater Toronto area and would like to go, it's on Donlands just north of Cosburn.
What makes the Ritz unique is that they have a selection of dishes from the Philippines on the menu in addition to traditional diner fare.
It's great that they left the old fixtures and fittings inside.

I'm not sure if they still cook up their signature T-bone steak, but the old timey sign hangs at the back. I'd love to have it hanging in our kitchen. It's a tiny diner, but there were quite a few people dining when we were there. I took some snaps of the old stools after the people who had been sitting on them left.
Everything I love.
I ordered the Tapsilog, which is marinated beef, with rice, eggs, and salad. There was a vinegar mixture in the cup that I dunked my meat into.
Duncan went for the traditional sausage and egg platter.
For a four-year-old, he eats like a horse. Here he is eating a sausage like a Barbarian. I told him to switch to a fork. Below, the wee man enjoys a frothy chocolate shake that the owner made using the old milkshake blender. We made it to the cinema in time for the movie and had a great time.

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