Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grandpa's Sailboat Shelf

Hello one and all. I've been back in the classroom for two days and it pleases me to announce that I'm one happy teacher. I've got a class full of lovely kids who are all great thinkers. I'm exhausted, though. Teaching is the best job, but it is also extremely tiring. The good news is that there's a Value Village close to my school. Next week I'll start biking to school. Having my bike means I can start doing some major thrifting at lunch.
We made pop bottle spinners yesterday. After the children covered the bottles with colourful tissue paper, I sliced up and folded the bottles. It was a lot of work, but they'll look great hanging from the ceiling and spinning. I may run a little "How To" on the Foolscap Flyer.
When I was having bedtime snuggles with Duncan tonight, I looked up and realized his little sailboat shelf would make a nice picture for a post. This shelf was made by my mother's dad. It belonged to my brother and was used by my nephew. Now it holds Duncan's treasures.
I never met my grandfather, so I'm happy to have something he made. The little painted metal birds came from a store in Toronto called Moss. I think they were intended for Christmas trees. Everyday is Christmas!
The rice paper spinning lamp came from a garage sale a couple of years ago. The woman running the sale said she used to work at Costco and stockpiled a lot of stuff for gifts, etc. She never had any use for the lamp, so I bought for $2.00. The hanging Chinese dragons cost $9.99 in Chinatown.
All these things make for a cozy room - the perfect place to enjoy a book.


  1. thats shelf is super cute! I wouldnt mind seeing a how to on those bottles!

  2. Hey Queenie,
    I strung them from the ceiling after school today. They really spin well. I'll try to get a post up this weekend. I got the idea from a crafty website.
    Night night!


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