Sunday, September 6, 2009

Joe Fresh Finds

We spent the afternoon out at a magical place in the east end of Toronto called The Guild. I will post photos tomorrow.
This morning, we went to a grocery store in Toronto called Loblaws. They are selling clothes under the label Joe Fresh. They are youthful and affordable and surprisingly well made. At least that's been my experience. I've bought most of my new teacher clothes there (lot's of colourful pipe-legged pants and little jackets with big buttons. Most items are not more than $50.00.
Today we bought Duncan back to school sneakers as well as this Canadiana long sleeve T and these retro-inspired robot flannel PJs.
Robots up close. These PJs cost $10.00 (regular price).
The moose shirt was $8.00. Not bad for something that will be put through the metaphorical ringer.
I bought these cute London town PJ pants. They weren't as cute as the Paris ones, but Ken's a Londoner, so I thought he'd appreciate my effort. He was mildly amused. C'est la vie! The pants cost a mere $10.00. I bought the large size. They keep falling down (London jammies falling down...), but they're oh-so comfortable to sleep in.
Here's a close look at some of the places I've been to in London, as featured on my night attire.

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