Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Post-it Notes

Which addiction is greater: thrifting, or blogging? Before becoming a teacher, I was a music journalist. When I changed my career I was still able to listen to music, but I really missed writing. I'm tickled that I can blog now. I wish I could post each day - for my own amusement and the joy of communicating with like-minded people. I see blogs as a modern version of the scrap book. It's not quite as crafty, but you can still do a lot with blogs.

Including my classroom blog, I have four blogs. It may seem over the top, but posting is loads of fun, free, and easy. There are far worse addictions anyway.

Here are a few things I packed away for a better day. I think it's time to have a better day soon and enjoy them.
I'm not quite sure where I bought this tulip-esque vase. I'm pretty sure it was Goodwill a few years back. Tiny and perfect, it fits in the palm of your hand. I could never figure out what flowers would look best in it, in terms of height.
There is no maker's mark on the bottom.
This little house came from a yard sale in St. Catharines three summers ago. The sale was a little depressing, but for $1.00, I had to have this.
It even has a chimney.
Yup, it's a sewing basket. If only I could sew. Learning to sew is on my bucket list.
Three strawberry pin cushions came inside it, so I gave one to each of my sisters and kept the other one.
These china pheasants came from a musty and dusty antique barn out in the middle of nowhere. I saw these on a shelf behind the cash. They were $40.00 for the pair. Driving back to Hogtown, I thought that every pothole and speedbump would turn my birds into a pile of pretty shards, but they survived the journey. One day, I'd love to live in a big old detached country home. I'd put these on a window ledge on the landing of the staircase. I'd look at them while walking down the stairs and I'd wonder who owned them originally.
I loved the detail and colours.
On the bottom, a very faded sticker reads, "Lefton's Exclusive." Hmmm.


  1. i want to sew too! I sort of can but not very well! I want to learn to be a master sewer! That little tulip vase is cute!

  2. OH I WISH i COULD SEW TOO... but you cant do everything and I have no room for another hobby. Or so Ive been told :) The pheasants are beautiful!

  3. Hello Queenie and Crazy Suburban Mom (great blog name!),
    Thanks for the comments.
    My mother has offered to give me her old Singer sewing machine. I'm worried that I'll sew my hand to something. On the other hand (tee-hee), I feel that I need to make more of an effort with buttons and hems now that I've got a youngin' of my own.
    I'll keep you posted.


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