Sunday, September 6, 2009

Every Bride's Worst Nightmare

Can you imagine this happening? The giggles just never stop, even during the prayers.
Here's another weekend funny. I found this clip on YouTube this morning and couldn't resist posting it here. It's impossible not to laugh along.


  1. too funny! My mom would have killed me if I laughed during my wedding, or if the best mans pants fell down! lol. Too funny.

  2. Maybe it's the fact that school starts in one day and I'm a little on the edge, but I can't stop watching these clips. We all need a laugh. Watch the first wedding again and follow the face of the maid of honour right from the time the best man's pants fall down. Priceless. I actually feared that I would get crazy giggles when I got married. Fortunately I made it through without making a donkey out of myself, but there have been plenty of other times where I've laughed at the wrong time.


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