Sunday, September 20, 2009

Song of the Week #12 Bryan Ferry "Don't Stop the Dance"

I was too young to catch the whole Roxy Music experience at the time. I became a fan after the fact. I remember Bryan Ferry's Boys and Girls album. It was the mid-eighties. I was in Grade 10, bored with high school life and looking for something different. The song and video for "Don't Stop the Dance" were pure escapism into a glamorous high-end fashion life I would never be a part of. I loved the whiff of Art Deco that permeates the video. The album is still amazing and this video is chic and timeless (unlike Ferry's big-haired contemporaries also making music at the time). Chin-chin and enjoy.

And what 30-something + woman in her right mind doesn't get caught up in the jet set fantasy of Roxy Music's "Avalon," for that matter? Here's a bonus video - coming right at you.


  1. That was my favorite album in .....1989! I listened to it so much I wore a hole in the record! Kidding! :)

  2. I have never ever ever heard of roxy! Am I missing out on something amazing or what? Im going to check out their other videos on youtube! lol.

  3. He's Mr. Suave, to be sure. Yes, you've got to get into Roxy Music. Their first two albums were glam rock masterpieces. I like their later romantic stuff too.
    I'm just a romantic fool.


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