Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Up the Beanstalk

A few posts ago, you may recall seeing some vintage posters from an old children's reading series. My mom confirmed a few details. These books were called pre-primers. What a Dog! was perhaps the book most would remember. They were filled with stories and poems and were nicely illustrated in cheerful colours. I remember my mom bringing these books home from her school, along with these super fat crayons you just don't see anymore. A year or two ago, my mom found Up the Beanstalk at a teacher-run garage sale in St. Catharines. When I got off the phone with my mom, I remembered that I had the book buried in a pile of primary resources. I am deeply indebted to my mother for making me a book lover. She is also a fantastic teacher mentor for me. She hasn't forgotten any math concepts in retirement.

Poor Mr. Mugs was subjected to a home perm...
resulting in Donna Mills hair.
Groovy kids try out interpretive dancing. Dig.
Cathy gets rushed to hospital in a hearse-like ambulance.
Mr. Mugs has lost the perm, but almost loses his lunch on a flying saucer toboggan.


  1. lol. I love your captions! I look for vintage books now when I thrift because of you! lol.

  2. i have this book and its torn and crayon all over it but i will never get rid of it! NEVER!


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