Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School

I just got off the phone with Vonlipi. I interviewed her about her Pyrex collection knowing that she's the Pyrex Guru or Goddess of Canada. She needs a title. Anyway, Vonlipi is delightful although she took delight leading me to PyrexBoy's Flickr photos saying, "You won't sleep tonight after you see this." She was right. I just want to raid his basement and shop off his shelves. Visions of Butterprint will be dancing in my head tonight for sure.

Welcome to my latest follower, Jennifer. Thanks for following. I'm always thrilled to think that people enjoy what I'm doing. I really appreciate it. Erin

Here's a "before" picture of my new classroom. I've moved downstairs and will be teaching a 2/3 split this year. I taught grade 5 last year. I spent the day moving things around, but I still have to get the books neatly organized in bins so the kids can find great books to read. I'm using even more thrifted finds in the classroom, which I'll share soon. Eventually, I'll bring in the class pets and plants.


  1. Can't wait for your interview with Vonlipi!

  2. Vonlip does have a nick name! We've been calling her "The Pyrex Queen" for months! :)

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  4. Love the rolling 3-tier yellow cart in the back... at first I thought your bookcase was Midcentury Modern and got excited!


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