Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mom's Gift of Pyrex on HER Birthday

Today was my dear mother's birthday. We converged in St. Catharines (a city near Niagara Falls) to celebrate and smother her with love. My mother is amazing. She's so smart, kind, resourceful and sensible. I still turn to her for advice all the time. She's in the process of writing her family history. I thought that maybe she'd written a few pages. She says it's up to 105 pages. She's done a lot of research into her mother's side of the family, which we don't know too much about since her mother came over to Canada from Ireland as a Barnardo child - essentially an orphan. I loved my grandmother very much. She too was an incredible woman.

Happy Birthday Mom! You're the best. I can't wait to read the family history.
I was showing Mom The Pyrex Collective. My family thinks I'm a little blog mad, but when they see what I'm/we're up to, I get respect. I read my post about the Constellation divided dish aloud and my mom told me rather nonchalantly that there were a couple of old Pyrex bowls in the hallway cupboard. Really? I can have them? As you can see from the photo above, I am now the proud owner of the jumbo-sized Crazy Daisy bowl. Mom says she's had it for a long time and couldn't remember exactly where she got it from. My sister Lise gave me the mini mixing bowl of the same design for my birthday. Yeah - another collection. I'm so excited. Thanks again!

I knew that the picture of the lime green bowl wasn't great, but it is seriously blurry. You get the idea. Mom said she got this at a thrift store in Goshen, Indiana, where my brother used to live. She remembers paying $1.00 for it. I believe I have the rectangular lime green oven baking dish to go with this. When our kitchen is finally completed, I can bring down all my Pyrex pieces that are packed away upstairs and take stock of what I actually have.
I nipped into Goodwill to see if there were any treasures. I didn't see much, but I did like this funky sixties/seventies Made in Japan bird trivet. It cost a mere $2.00.
My dad bought these very old electrical wire insulators for Lise, who was interested in collecting them. Apparently, they're quite sought after. Dad got them at a rummage sale at a church he said was tiny and out in the countryside. He said he paid $2.00 for the five pieces. See? This stuff really does run in the family.


  1. how is it possible for people to be so non-chalant about pyrex? i'll never understand! ;)

    about that birdie trivet... i felt so sad looking at it. bad memories... i wrote about it here.

    ~ ana

  2. Oh wow, Ana. That's truly an odd coincidence. I can't believe your story. Can I share that on YSS? It makes my broken Howe Caverns plate story seem relatively uncomplicated.
    I hope my trivet didn't cause post traumatic stress disorder.

  3. Erin I am so excited. I stopped in the Thrift today after lunch with a friend! Not that I need anything, especially after my haul at the yard sale, but it was Sr Day so 30% off. I found TWO PYREX BOWLS in the same pattern as your large bowl!! Crazy Daisy! I will take some photos and post next week on our Pyrex blog!

  4. what's yss? i think i'll be ok lol... i just love those birdies so much. enjoy yours for me a little more, ok? :)

  5. lol yss=here. yes of course, go ahead :) need sleep now...


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