Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Show is so Us

My sister phoned me today to tell me about Kirstie's Homemade Home. It's hosted by Relocation, Relocation's Kirstie Allsopp and it's way cool. She's bought this rustic old house (huge) in Devon and she's learning how to make homemade objects of beauty to fill the house so that it doesn't look boring and cookie cutter. Does this not sound like what we're all about?

Kirstie thrifts and is taught how to make beautiful things by local artisans. She's trying to promote the crafts of the British Isles. We should all be doing the same thing regardless of where we live. I saw the first episode this evening. Kirstie learned how to make a fireplace poker with a blacksmith, she learned how to knit, and she learned how to make a lampshade.

I've uploaded an episode from YouTube, but I'm not going to watch it. I want to watch them chronologically. I'm even more inspired to learn how to sew and make things for house and family.

Hope you enjoy. This show is on HGTV in Canada. Check your local listings. Did I just say that?


  1. i saw this first episode last week and i was sucked right in! all the episodes are available on htvgcanada! i was so giddy when i found it, i tweeted something like "i love this new show!" only to learn it's old news lol

    anyway, i really connected with the show. so us, like you said.


    ps - thanks for the photo of your sewing machine, btw :)

  2. It's great. Ana, I'm always two years or more out of the British loop. We can't help it!


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