Thursday, August 5, 2010


I've a laundry list up to the wazoo of things I have to do today. Yesterday we bought a shelving system for Duncan's toys at Ikea. I was going to take a "before" shot of our living room so you could see how the toys had taken over (not to mention all the toys, books, and games in his room). Alas, the "before" shot may have landed me on Hoarders - Children With Enabling Parent Edition. They're doing road work on our street, and I had half a mind to ask the bulldozer guy to cart the toys away, or maybe just knock down our house!

I'll try to take an "after" shot when harmony has been restored. I'm going to a wedding on the weekend and I need to buy some sort of shawl to hide my farmer's tan lines. I'm thinking of going down to Kensington Market/China Town to see if I can find something funky to go with my purple sundress. I love Kensington Market. It's a small area downtown best described as an eclectic mix of residential houses, fruit/veg and butcher shops, and vintage clothing stores. The houses are kookily painted Victorian homes. Back when I was a teenager, I used to shop there a lot more. Courage My Love was my favourite store. I loved soaking in clothes from the past. The city changes all the time, so when I find old places from my youth, I can't help but feel warm and nostalgic. Is that a bad thing?

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  1. Organizing is my new mantra! I keep buying and not organizing and now my home is a mess. I will organize!!


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