Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Intros I Heart - or is That "Hart" ?

I promise I'll get my thrifty groove on soon. Feel free to completely pass over this post - but it's lot's of fun.
Here's the disco-fied theme from Hart to Hart. I wish I had a name like Stephanie Powers. They still show this on the ridiculously named TVLand station.

Dynasty was a high class affair. You can tell Aaron Spelling splashed out on a full symphony orchestra.

Knots Landing had a jaunty, breakfast television theme. "News, weather, and your eyes on the sky from our city chopper." I forgot that Alec Baldwin was on Knots Landing. Alec Baldwin and Donna Mills. Does it get any better?

And no homage to the theme songs from evening soaps from my youth would be complete without Dallas. Alright Bounty Huntress, you may not be from Dallas, but close enough. All this cold be yours. Black gold, feathered hair. You know you want it all.


  1. Well, I AM from Dallas! Lived there for 15 years before moving to Austin. I grew up in Plano, TX which is where Southfork Ranch is. And the best part... when we first moved there, we drove by Southfork and there was a party going on. My parents decided to crash it with four kids in tow. There were lots of other kids there too and we jumped in the pool with all our clothes on. We couldn't believe how tiny it was in real life!

  2. Awesome story. I'd totally want to do the same thing. Any sign of JR?


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