Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Greetings & Men I Admire Pt. 1

Word up to Darrin of Dad's Dish Retro Blog and Nogrinnin of What to do When Your Head Falls Off. I'm glad I'm in the company of people with such weirdly wonderful blogs. I recognize that you have other choices of blogs to follow. Thank you for choosing Yard Sale Snoop. Refreshments coming right up.

Alright. I'm putting off a lot of work I should be doing right now. Instead, I thought I'd create a list of men I admire. Of course, this does not include my beloved husband, my son, dad, etc. That goes without saying. This is just a list of men that inspire, amuse, or entertain me.

- Prince. I know, I know. But he made a handful of really amazing records in the eighties that you've got to admire now.
Here's his duet with Sheena Easton. I remember I dragged my gothy first boyfriend to see Sign of the Times at the Cineplex at the Eaton Centre when I was a teenager. He said he was mortified, but I could tell he secretly dug the music.

Jack Black. Enough said. Here he is doing his best Michael Flatley on Yo Gabba Gabba, the most awesome kids' show ever.

Harrison Ford, before he became completely sanctimonious and married to his boring skinny wife. Maybe they're not married. Whatever.

Johnny Depp in Dead Man. What a great actor. His look in this film was interesting. Kind of primitive Victorian.

Alright, here's the last one. Anthony Bourdain and Bill Murray. Tony is aging like a fine wine and he's becoming more sensitive and less snarky with each episode. I like him like that. And Bill Murray is awesome. I like the fact that he wears his drunken golf cart in Stockholm arrest like a badge of honour.
That's it for now.


  1. If you'd asked me to make a list, every one of these would be on it!

  2. Sign me up for all of those guys as well. And what a treat to see Bill Murray and Anthony Bourdain together! Sweetly snarky meets snarkly sweet, or something.

    Also thanks for the shout-out. I get such a kick out of learning that anybody reads my blog. I've really been anjoying yours, keep up the fun posts!

  3. omg... that jack black.. ahhahaa! i'd never seen that!! how does he move like that?!


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