Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scooter Madness

This morning, I discovered something enchanting in my backyard. I took pictures and will share later.
After doing a bit of school planning for the fall, I went out to Valu Mart (a not-great value grocery store near me that I only go to out of desperation) for a can of coffee. Across the street is Value Village, my neighbourhood thrift store. Alas, there was still nothing going on at VV. I'm kind of glad because until next pay cheque, I really have no business thrifting, even for something super cheap.

Anyway, two eventful things happened while I was out: an elderly woman was singing along to CCR's "Proud Mary," at VV and I nearly got run over by a morbidly obese man 0n a scooter. There should be speed limits for scooters. This guy was thundering down Danforth Avenue (a busy street), and he was weaving in and out of pedestrian traffic while blowing nasty cigarette smoke in everyone's faces. Ick.

So to recap: something magical happened, something funny happened, and I nearly got flattened like a pancake by some hairy-backed smoking machine.

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