Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pyrex Blog - Now 50% Easier to Use

Alright, I know we haven't started using The Pyrex Collective yet http://pyrexcollective.blogspot.com/, but it will be 50% easier to use than my original plan.

Jeni reminded me that contributors do not need the master sign in info, but just their blog and email info. We actually did this at my school for a literacy blog that myself and sadly one other teacher actually used, but the technology worked.

All I need is everyone's email address and I will add your name as a contributor. When you get to The Pyrex Collective, you use your normal email address and password that you use to sign into your own blog and a box will appear with your original blog and The Pyrex Collective. It may sound a little confusing, but it will all make sense. I'm in the process of leaving my email on your blogs, so please email me when you can to give me permission to add you as a contributor.

As far as I can see, your email will not be visible for anyone to see. I'm conscious of security issues and I'm doing my part to protect your privacy or at least your email address.

Thanks. It looks like we've got about 14 people in The Pyrex Collective. As soon as I can add people's names as contributors, you can start blogging on it.



  1. Thanks for doing all the legwork, Erin!

  2. No problem. It's been great fun, plus I've got legs that just won't quit. Actually I'm kinda short, but in my mind I've got gams like Uma Thurman. Sigh.


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