Friday, August 13, 2010

Post Traumatic Tile Disorder

If you haven't checked out Ana's blog, i made it so, do pay a visit. It's full of beautiful photos of homemade goodies and images from around her home. I just know her home smells good. It's like Mom Wald's home. I've never been to her house, but as they say in The Wonder Boys, it looks like, "the kind of house you want to wake up in on Christmas morning." Ana's blog is linked over to the right and it's easy to find because it has a little blog photo of her at work.

Now that I've righteously embarrassed Ana, I thought I'd share a link that she posted in the comments of my last post. I bought that funky bird tile trivet in St. Catharines yesterday.
Ana had the exact same one, but it got smashed up and the story went from bad to worse.
poor little birdie
This is only the beginning! (Reprinted from i made it so, with permission from ana)

It's sad and hilarious all at once. And it makes my little broken Howe Caverns plate seem insignificant by comparison.
This is exactly the sort of thing that would happen to me.

Here's your Friday funny. During my first year teaching, I was in a constant state of stressed-outness. Rather than stick my finger in an electric pencil sharpener, I used to watch this Abba parody from Not the Nine O'Clock News. I'd giggle my sides off at lunch, have a coffee, and get on with the day. Enjoy.


  1. oh dear oh dear.... how i have misled you all! if you could only see the state of my house right now ;) thank you for those kind comments, and i couldn't believe my eyes when you got the *exact* same tile as i had.

    you promised your readers pretty photos and recipes, and if they pop over today, they'll be greeted by a post about scorpions on a stick! (oh my... a great guest post written for me today, by the way). would you expect anything less on a friday the 13th? :)

    happy weekend, all. thanks erin... enjoy your tile!

  2. I read Ana's post yesterday and I think we all have days like that!!


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