Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Canadian Milk Bags - It's How We Roll

In the name of cultural diplomacy, I thought I'd share a brilliant Canadian idea that never seemed to take off in the rest of the world: bag milk! If you're reading this in Bulgaria or some such country and you have bag milk too, please fire off a pleasant comment and correct me. I like to think it's just a Canadian thing.
So here's how it works. You start off by going to the place where you get the best deal on milk. Strangely enough, in Toronto that place is Shopper's Drug Mart where 4 L (we use the Metric system, so don't ask me to convert to gallons) costs $3.99. Inside this plastic sheath you'll find three bags o' milk. In the above photo, you'll find our milk bag "pitcher" and this cool milk bag holder that sits in our fridge. When you need another bag, you just pull one out from the bottom and down plops the next one.
Step 2, you chuck the milk bag into the milk bag "pitcher." Sonny dearest loves this part. I think he pretends it's a bomb being dropped. Why do boys love to blow everything up?
Step 3. The bag doesn't slide down to the bottom, so you have to bang it down.

Voila: but we're not done yet...
Snip, snip and now you're ready for coffee action - or just a nice glass of milk. Your choice.

That's all. Hope you enjoyed this little bit of Canadiana. Now here's another Canadian treasure: Feist and she's dancing in an airport.


  1. Cool post! When I stayed at a B&B in Montreal she had bag milk and I thought it was way cool.

  2. From what I could gather they don't have bag milk in BC anymore...So it might be an eastern Canadian thing...

    I too buy my milk at Shopper's (employee discount)lol

  3. woo! love can-con ;) you need to find the old tupperware milk jugs... made in canada too. they were round and the bag fits in them perfectly. one more thing to hunt down!

  4. Weird! I can indeed confirm that in Vancouver, BC we do not have milk in bags. I can actually remember our family purchasing it a couple of times where we were kids, and then it was phased out, and back we went to the wax-paper cartons and plastic jugs. Also, Shoppers Drug Mart here does not sell milk...

  5. Wow,
    I'm learning so much.
    Thanks for the comments - the milk of human kindness wah-wah!

  6. I had absolutely no idea that the rest of the world didn't use plastic milk bags. Should they ever come on board, we should warn them that there is an art to cutting the tip just right, or it dribbles into the container.

  7. I lived in East Lansing, MI in the late 70's-late 80's and I seem to recall that a local convenience store chain, Quality Dairy, had these milk bags at some point in time. Some friends of mine bought their milk this way but I must confess, I thought it was weird and so never did.

    I don't know if this chain still sells milk this way, though - and by now I've lived in several states in the US. Haven't seen it since.


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