Thursday, August 12, 2010

British TV Rules

As my English husband points out, not every TV program in the UK is great, but they do get it right so often. They would never make a show like Ashes to Ashes in North America and if they did, it would be watered down without the nuanced music and pop culture reference. I include Canada in with North America btw. Alright, there have been a ton of wonderful shows to come out of the U.S., but I'm talking nuance here...

Isn't Alex super cool? This show is on BBC Canada. Check your local listings.


  1. Too bad I don't have BBC canada too much dineros!

    I agree with you great stuff comes from the UK. I love Torchwood, Ab Fab, Little Britain and many many that I don't remember the names of...still too early and not enough java!

  2. I LOVE Ashes to Ashes, the third series is out at the moment. Did you watch the original UK "Life on Mars" which preceded Ashes to Ashes with many of the same characters?

  3. Hi TT,
    I'm going to borrow Life on Mars from my sister. She has it on disc.
    Can't wait.


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