Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Most Boring Thrift Ever

Some thrifted finds are truly exciting. Others are pleasant. Others still are totally boring. If they handed out awards for boring thrifts, I would win top prize. What I bought today was utterly bland, and banal, yet essential.

If what I thrifted was

... a colour, it would be beige
... a movie, it would be Waterworld, The Postman, or any other movie Kevin Costner made after Field of Dreams
... a song, it would be "If" by Bread
... a performer, it would be Celine Dion
... a car, it would be a Honda Civic
... a vegetable, it would be celery
... an adult drink, it would be lite beer
... a politician, it would be Stephen Harper
... a radio station, it would be E-Z Rock

Anyway, you get the point. Last night, Ken was rinsing out the coffee maker carafe. I was holding this huge skillet and I spun around and cracked the carafe with the handle of the skillet. I didn't realize what a mean skillet handler I am. The sad thing was that we needed a new carafe.

So I bought one at Value Village for a lousy $2.99. And it fits.
How is it that I can't live without something this boring? I'm sure this thought goes through Ryan Reynolds' head every morning.


  1. At least you can thrift a carafe and now you can have coffee...very important!! But 'beige' yep!

  2. lol this post gave me a good laugh, esp the Ryan Reynolds comment :o)


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